2010.04.19 The Crew Arrives and Work Begins


Wow…a busy first day at Central’s Log Cabin!  

7 a.m.  Went over to let the guys in the cabin.  I have to say that early in the morning – before the sun had quite broken through the clouds – the cabin seemed wistful and tired.  Hope she’s ready for a face-lift!   Our contractor, Bryon Perona of Country Craftsmen in WI, brought only two guys today – Danny and his dad Stanley (who was wearing a Cubs hat!). Stanley didn’t stay long, but Bryon and Danny demolished the East dormer and will put up the walls and roof structure tomorrow.  

L – Bryon, Dan & Stan M/R – Work on Dormer


9:30 am. – Left Will with Karlynn.  They spent an enjoyable 2 1/2 hours strolling Concord Lane – blowing bubbles, collecting bugs and playing ball.  

Karlynn and Will

10 a.m. to Noon – Met at the cabin with Bryon, Ann Clark (our architect), JR Graves and James Graves.  We signed our contract and sketched out the project timeline (roof, demolition areas, log exterior, windows and doors).  If only one crew is on site, the project will last through September.  Pastor David had Mike Uhle come over to turn off the heat in the cabin.  With the big, gaping hole in the roof, we figured there’s no need to heat Concord Lane!  

  L – Ann & Bryon discuss roof; M-Ardis meets Bryon; R-Team meeting

3:30 p.m. – Back to the cabin with Ben and Evie after school.  We dropped off the typed-up project timeline for Bryon and helped Mae move some chairs.  Love that these 7-year olds can really be so helpful now!   Tried to figure out how to get power back to the second floor bedroom (with the gaping hole!) since the guys blew a fuse.  James had to stop by to help out.  He’s the best!  

7 p.m. – After our lovely Fund69 fundraiser dinner at Graziano’s with the whole family (Jamie worked from home today!), we went by Karen’s to pick up her grill.  We’re going to let the guys use it at the cabin.  Dropped it off at the cabin and Jamie and the kids got to see the progress.  So exciting!  

Day Two may be less active?  We’ll see!  Either way, it’s all good!  


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