2010.04.21 Day Three

Day Three was slow-going, but eventful, nonetheless!

The guys got the east dormer walls up.  We talked about leaving the ceiling vaulted in that room – which makes the space seem bigger.  Will talk to Ann and Bryon and Pastor David about this.  This room may eventually become the Pastor’s office.

The front entryway is officially gone.  The stoop and steps remain until we get to the log work later in the project.   Danny told me that the interior chinking is really hard to get out.  I shot a video of them having to use a small jack-hammer to remove it.  The exterior chinking seems to come out easier – which is good since we’re removing every bit of exterior chinking on the entire log cabin!   The guys saved the front window and light fixture and the split front door.  Apparently James (Graves, our electrician) found a really old light switch – unlike any he’d ever seen before.  One of the DR windows was accidentally broken while they were removing the entry logs.  Not a big deal since we’re removing the windows anyway.  All the logs were set aside for potential use later in the project.

I took pics of the metal printing press pieces.  They weren’t removed today, but Danny promised he would take them off and set them aside for us tomorrow.  By the end of the project, we may have a fun little museum of artifacts!  Karen and I are both hoping the next find is a big wad of money!  Ha!

As I was there at the end of the day, some neighbors were walking by.  Said they’ve been strolling by the cabin for 30 years and were curious about the project.  I think we should put some “What’s Going On?” informational flyers outside the cabin for people to take.  People are obviously interested and we should give everyone the opportunity to help us keep the renovation work going!

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