2010.04.22 Day Four of the Log Cabin Renovation (Phase One)

April 22, 2010 – Day Four of the Log Cabin Renovation (Phase One)

Did you see the article in the TribLocal today?  


Great job, Mae and Ardis!

Will, Karlyn, Ardis and Karen review the TribLocal article

Appropriately Earth Day as we work on our environmentally-friendly project.  Not only are we saving an historic building, but we are reusing and recycling as many logs and materials as we can.   I’ll attach or send the specifics of this a bit later – from our Log Guy, Rick Bott. It’s very interesting! (Click on link – https://centralslogcabin.wordpress.com/about-2/ )

Our architect Ann Clark stopped by the cabin this morning to talk to Bryon.  We all discussed a couple of issues.

One: The area above the entryway – as it connects to the main front gable.  It’s a tricky little spot where the old entryway connected to the main building.  We want to repair it so that it looks good in this Phase, but also prepare for the final phase with the gabled covered entry on the new porch.  So many things to consider!  Ann, Bryon and I will meet on Monday morning to discuss this and also how far back to trim the entry logs.

How cute are those two little doors above the entry?!   We’ll have to cover those up again from the outside, but they’re visible inside.  Love all these details in the cabin.  So much character!

Two:  East dormer.  So I guess we won’t leave the dormer vaulted, but will continue the 8’3″ high ceiling  The space will still feel very nice and open and airy, especially with the big window.  Talk about a lovely view at this time of year – with the blooming tree right outside!   Pastor David and I joked that we could just put in a zip line so he can get back and forth!   We might open up this little spot for low storage.  Need to talk to Ann about how we would access it.  We don’t want to waste space!

When I went back over at around 7 p.m., the guys (another new guy, Kenny, was on the project today) were tarping the east dormer and roof.  They made good progress on the dormer.  And were able to strip the entire east roof down to the decking.  Bryon hauled away a huge load of debris.  There are a couple of bad spots on the roof deck that will need to be replaced.  We’re hoping for as few of these as possible – for time and budget reasons!  But given the state of the roof, we won’t be surprised if there is significant damage down to the decking.

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