2010.04.23 – Day Five of Log Cabin Renovation (Phase One)

On Friday, I met Larry Anderson over at the cabin to walk through with him.  As a former Skokie Building Inspector, Larry has been such a great help and advisor on so many projects.  Larry will move to Kansas City next week to be near his daughter.  While we’re happy for them to be together, we will miss him!  Pastor David came over and walked around with us.  Everyone loves being up in the loft area – it’s still such a novelty!

Dan securing tarps for the coming storms

Danny nailing the tarp onto the roof peak

Louis cleaning up the entry logs

It ended up being a short day for the crew, since they were anticipating rain and bad weather on Friday and throughout the weekend.  They basically cleaned up around the cabin – knowing that folks will be looking and walking around this weekend.  And they got the roof and dormer tarped and well-secured with staples and 2x4s.   I hope they all hold because the wind is really picking up now (on Saturday night!)


The guys, and especially Danny, walk around on that roof like it’s a curbside!  Thank goodness they all wear harnesses!    Russ Reuter stopped over and we looked at the old light switches.  I also showed the guys the old gutters made out of printing plates (we think!…someone help us find out if this is true!)  Donna Campbell entertained Will on an actual curb…and as he “helped” hammer some logs! 


Bryon recently got a new trailer and parked it late on Thursday night between the SE parlor room and the sunroom.  It’s all ready for the shingles and roof debris on Monday (as long as it stops raining…).

Happy Weekend, all!  -Julianne

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