2010.04.26 Week Two Begins

Week Two Begins!   I’ve never been happier to have rain on the weekend!  Monday brought a beautiful day filled with sunshine – and a bit more wind.  The tarped roof held up nicely and we only got a bit of water into the cabin.  The beautiful, blooming crabapple tree didn’t fare as well.  The weekend wind blew about half of it down.  After our tree expert took a look, we realize that we will have to remove it as the center of the tree is rotted. 

Ann, Bryon and I agreed on how to “finish” (basically repair and fill in) that area where the front entryway was.  It will be patched so that the front large gable just looks like it continues – to create a big ^.  This way it will look good when this Phase One is finished.  Then we will simply build out from it when we’re finishing the project and creating the final, new, covered, but open entryway.  We will post the renderings to show what the Log Cabin will look like when it’s all done. We also agreed to cut the old entryway logs completely back so that they’re flush with the wall.  This way during Phase One (and later) they will not create a barrier for people trying to navigate into either the kitchen door or the new dining room door.This week, the crew will be focused on getting the East roof completely stripped and covered with weatherproof felt paper.  After that they will begin the process of creating the new roof grid.  

Progress is good!  -Julianne

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