2010.04.28 – Week 2 (Phase I) continued

The guys are doing a great job getting the east half of the roof stripped and covered with the waterproof felt material.  Our plan is to complete this half before moving on to the west roof, which will include a complete tear-off over the Great Room and loft. 

That little roof covering the outside staircase will have to come off for the roof construction and we’ve decided not to put it back on since this will basically be just a fire escape-type exit.   All the air-conditioning units will come out of the walls and windows.  Eventually we’ll have central air in the cabin! 

Bryon said they’ve seen lots of squirrels in various holes in the logs.  Those logs – which are probably mostly hollow – will have to be taken out and replaced.  Yikes!   They’ve also seen some of our bats flying around – more than a little confused, I’m sure. 

So sad to see that beautiful tree going down, but it could cause some damage to the parsonage or the log cabin with another high wind.

More later!  -Julianne

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