2010.05.07 Week Three starts with a buzz and ends with a storm!

Week Three starts with a buzz and ends with a storm!  

On Monday morning of this week, the guys continued to battle the bees!   They are very active when it’s hot out – and rumor is they don’t sting, but Bryon and the guys knocked one and held it down and saw the stinger go in and out – so they’re not anxious to test that theory!   These wood bees bore their way into the logs, leaving a tiny trail of sawdust just under the hole.  The queen nests inside and all the worker drones come and go and bother anyone who gets near.  We were going to call the exterminator, but Bob Reid printed off some information on the best way to handle them – which is to simply caulk the holes when the bees are inside.  For some reason the bees don’t try to get out.  Go figure. 

The roof grid is now completely done.  I took some pictures to show how the guys have created small through-ways on each 2×2 – in order to let water run down the roof – instead of damming up at each strip.  It’s a bit labor intensive, but since we will get more rain on the roof before the new roof and shingles go on, this will help us keep the water from trying to get inside the building.  When I was over on Wednesday, the spray foam guy – Jake – was there to measure this side of the roof.  When the foam goes on, the roof will be even more water-proof.  Unfortunately, when I was there on Friday morning – during the worst of the rain storm, we were taking in a bit of water – mostly along the exterior/eaves of the cabin.   Rick recommended that we get some fans going inside to vent the interior. 

Ann and Rick and I met on Friday morning to discuss the design of the rake and soffit overhangs and how to account for insulation and venting of the roof and building, as well as the aesthetics of how this will look from the outside. 

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the small roof over the east stairwell was going to stay off, but now that we look at it, the building looks odd without it.  The roof had to come off for the main roof construction, and Danny said it was not well-constructed.  So now the guys will rebuild it in some fashion – we’re debating a couple of options.   Rick had some creative ideas for making that stairwell and the new small roof look more authentic – with aspen planking under the roof, log handrails and possibly facing the support beams with logs. 

The front section build-out over the entryway is now done – just ready for roofing and logwork.  When finished, this will look like one big gable. 

Ann, Bryon and I also met with Jason Weber of Kolbe Windows on Wednesday – to discuss specifics of our new windows.  He had to precisely measure every window – since each one is slightly “non-standard”.  The team also talked about how to account for this as the crew is creating the openings and sills for each window. 

Right now, we have original windows in the cabin.  You have to pull open the screen and then push out the the two side windows.  The middle window(s) does not open.   We are debating whether to have all the windows open – so we can get as much air flow as possible.  In addition, to save money (approx. 20%!), we will maintain the casement style of window, but will go to a window that cranks out – without having to remove the screen. 

Our windows will be wood on the interior, but wood clad with aluminum on the exterior.  We decided that for maintenance and cost reasons, this would be a good call!   The color will probably be “gingersnap” which is pretty close to the current color on the outside.   Jason has offered us a wood upgrade – from Douglas Pine to Douglas Fir for the same price.  Ann says this will stain very nicely on the inside.  We will have to stain the interior of the windows – including the casements and sills – after installation. 

We also confirmed that the west window in the Great Room will be covered – kind of like the Dining Room window – with a bulletin board.  This is to prepare for the final phase of construction when the accessible lift is installed between the Log Cabin and Church Building.  After the radiators are removed, a nice, custom bookcase/unit will be put in this position – across from the fireplace. 

I’m talking with a woman whose hobby is to refurbish antique lights and chandeliers.  Hey!  We have an old, broken chandelier!   Will update you as to her thoughts about the light once she sees it.  Her sister sings with us in Park Ridge Chorale. 

Speaking of PRC, I got a call this week from a woman who saw the ad about the Log Cabin Great Room in the Spring PRC concert program.  She was inquiring about renting the space out for a birthday party for her grown daughter.   Like I always say….publicity is our friend! 

Happy Mothers Day all!  -Julianne

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