2010.05.10 Week Four Begins with a Bang!

Week Four Begins with a Bang! 

Monday, 5-10-10:  We still have work to do on the roof, but unfortunately we’re waiting on some lumber that’s on back-order.  In the meantime, on Monday, the crew got busy on the sunroom demolition!  Ben, Evie and I arrived just minutes after it was pulled down.  Carla Johnson saw it and said it was cool.   Pastor David got some great action shots. 

Couple things of interest: 

1)  The cobblestone chimney will be exposed from the exterior now.  Bryon’s masonry expert (named Rocky!) will have his work cut out for him to get all that tar off the stones. 

2)  The guys found a petrified squirrel in the roof.  Check this thing out…completely intact and with a super scary face!   The squirrel is “resting” in the short Christmas tree on Concord Lane…if you want to visit!

At this point, we’re ahead of our renovation schedule, but not sure what the weather will bring this week!   Will keep you posted!  -Julianne

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2 Responses to 2010.05.10 Week Four Begins with a Bang!

  1. Karen Buccola says:

    Pastor David, you did a great job in capturing the moment for us. Thanks!

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