2010.05.11 Julianne’s Sunroom Discovery

I’m playing Detective and have made a Discovery! 

I told some of you that in one of the old scanned pics of the Log Cabin it looks like the sunroom was only about half the size…and that the rest of the cobblestone foundation area looked to be open as a garden or patio.  Well…I never sent the picture around before now, but Russ Reuter and Lillian Wegener (who both remember the log cabin WAY back…) couldn’t remember it ever being smaller. 

Yesterday when I was at the cabin – after the sunroom had been pulled down – I took a few pics (duh!).  At home downloading the new pics, there was one that showed  flooring still in about half of the now-demolished sunroom.   This morning I was thinking about that and wondering why there would be flooring in there because I had a crew remove the entire sunroom floor – down to just studs and insulation.  There was no flooring left. 

So I pulled up the old picture and the new ones.  I think this “half-size” was probably the original size of the sunroom – likely through at least the early 1930’s since there’s a cross on the east gable on the old picture.  I also think the outside half was probably a patio because the entire sunroom foundation is a concrete slab.  We should check the archives, because at some point, the larger sunroom was constructed. 

So Ann, tell your team that it turns out the “double-wide” wasn’t actually original!   

 Fun stuff!   -Julianne

To view the pictures in a larger size, click on the image.

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