2010.05.22 Week 5 – Roof work and sunroom demo continue

Greetings Log Cabin lovers!  The weather was much better this week and we were spared more of the wet stuff.   The guys made good progress on the east roof.  Bryon is hoping to be ready for the spray foam by Memorial Day week.  The crew also got the rest of the sunroom demolished – namely that little entryway off of Concord Lane. 

Click on photo to view a larger image.

Ann, Bryon and I had our weekly meeting on Monday morning.  We discussed a few items on the horizon:

1)  East Stairwell – well, we’ve decided to put the roof back over the east stairwell. It will be similar to the old one.  Just looked weird without it!

2)  Rafter Lengths – we discussed how long the the rafter tails will be with the goal being maximum protection for the logs.  But we also want to be sure the rafters don’t hang too far down and block the windows and light. 

3)  Gable rakes – these are the rafters that stick straight out on the gables (I know…that’s not very technical!).  We’ll have more rafters now since the building will have a new, updated roof that meets all structural codes, etc.  But we talked about creating the same look as is there now – where 5 log rafters stick out.  Bryon has a technique called a Box Beam which will basically envelope those 5 new rafters so that they look like logs – and the same as the original rakes!   Kind of fun! 

4)  The dormer covering the main stairs has this one interesting wall – where the logs go vertical on the right side of the window.  Unfortunately, the logs have been practically slathered in tar since they used to be covered with shingles.  We’re going to try to clean them up, make sure they’re water tight.  If so, we’ll not change this section in any way. 

More roof work next week!  Keep praying for sunshine!  -Julianne

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