2010.08.02 Roof Work Inside and Out

August 2, 2010

Hey guys!  Sorry so few posts lately.  Summer life is hectic – but wonderful.  For today, the cabin news is still all about the ROOF! ROOF…Great progress has been made on the Log Cabin roof.   The east side is about 99% done.   We’re getting close on the west side.  Bryon has increased his crew manpower and we should be ready for the spray foam this week!  Then our crew will finish the sheeting over the foam.  Then the roofers complete the job!

The angles on this half of the roof are very complicated and the guys have done small sections at a time.  We have struggled a bit with rain, so they’re being careful not to open too much of the roof at a time.   Even so, we have gotten water into the Great Room, dining room and kitchen areas.   It looks like the wood floors are still salvageable – and we knew we’d have to sand and seal those again anyway. 

GREAT ROOM…The interior of the Great Room and loft area looks amazing.   All the old white fiber-board type material will be gone and replaced with tongue and groove aspen pine.  Rick Bott suggested this wood because it is light and bright.  It really creates a lovely reflective surface and it has such interesting marks in the wood.  The guys used different widths of the aspen, so it’s very unique.   The aspen wood is very soft and is often used mostly for wood pulp. But Rick explained that where these trees were harvested – it’s too expensive to truck the logs up to the paper mills – so they end up having no “stumpage” value (that was a new term for me!)   Rick has used the aspen for ceiling panels many times with great results and satisfied customers.   With a coat of clear, matte sealant, the wood will remain clean and clear for years! 

LIGHTS….I met again with Rosi Laude – who will be refurbishing our old chandeliers.   Rosi took them both to get started!  She’s also going to search for a couple pairs of sconces for the Dining Room and for the loft area.  We’ll also be searching for two more hanging fixtures  – for the dining room and loft areas.   We are trying to find lighting that is appropriate for the time period of the cabin.  It’s difficult, however, because some of the pieces from the 1920s and 30s are too delicate (or deco!) for life in the log cabin!   For the Great Room, we’re trying to find 2 ceiling fans/lights  – simple, so they don’t clash with the large center chandelier.  Still not sure about this.

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