2010.08.04 Windows Arrive, Plan B for Chinking

Hi all!  Great news!

OUR WINDOWS ARRIVED!  The color is gorgeous – kind of a chocolate brown. Beautiful and durable.  It’s really the perfect timing, too, since the roof is getting finished.   The guys can move on to the log work – which will be done a section at a time. Each window will surely be a project in itself – just trying to get them square and dealing with the log details, sill, etc. surrounding each one.  

Also, re: CHINKING – a PLAN B… Okay.  So we knew the chinking was hard to remove when Bryon’s crew demolished the front entry.   James’ electrical team continues to struggle with getting the chinking out to install conduit and electrical boxes.  They’re doing such a detailed job – trying to hide the pipes in between logs.  But they have to use a jack-hammer most of the time.  It’s hard, time-consuming work.  Rick and Bryon have both been surprised by this and say that in 30+ years doing this type of work, they’ve never seen this happen. Usually on a cabin this old, you can practically pull the chinking out with your fingers – especially on the outside. So…pending approval by the chinker (don’t you just love that this is someone’s job and title!), we may change our original plan to remove ALL the cabin’s exterior chinking.   We’re considering removing only the chinking that is unstable – or the chinking around damaged logs and the windows.  When we re-chink, we will do a skim-coat over the old chinking with the new Perma-chink material, so that all the chinking looks the same.  The Perma-chink will also be able to seep in between the old chinking and the logs – to give us the benefit of having it everywhere (water and rot resistance, bug repellant, and “give” with weather).  This should save us some money – both in labor time and materials.   THAT is a VERY good thing!

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