2010.08.06 Roof Update – Foaming is Finished

Hey Log Cabin lovers,  

Here’s a quick roof update.  We’ve been anxiously awaiting the Foam Guys – since the foam makes the roof almost completely waterproof.  We’ve gotten way too much water into the Great Room!  Ugh!   So the foam crew was scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of this week and already had another job booked on Friday.   Wednesday morning thunderstorms made it impossible for them to work on Wednesday (they can’t apply the foam to a wet surface).  The weather was perfect on Thursday, but it was doubtful they could finish in one day.  Bryon and I were dreading another wet weekend and next week’s forecast of thunderstorms everyday.  I was not too proud to beg…and they promised to try their best.  Late in the afternoon on Thursday, they were still working on the west side of the Great Room.  Bottomline – they powered through and finished!  Yay!  So today (Friday), Bryon’s team was able to get most of the plywood sheeting over the foam.  This roof should be done next week!  Thought it would never happen!  Keep your fingers crossed! 

Have a great weekend!   More fun details next week!  -Julianne

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1 Response to 2010.08.06 Roof Update – Foaming is Finished

  1. Michelle Solley says:

    Thanks for including us in this email list. We look forward to tracking the progress of the log cabin.

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