2010.09.07 Log Work Begins

Hello All! 

Wow…can’t believe it has been a month since I posted an update.  Sorry!  Lots, LOTS has been happening at the cabin (not to mention my mom and one of my best friends and her 2 daughters moving up here from Springfield!). 

Biggest Log Cabin news:  THE ROOF IS DONE!!!  

DETAILS, DETAILS!  Ann, Bryon and I met recently to specify where each of the (faux) rafter tails and rakes will go – and how they will be detailed.  We also talked about what to do when the crew is removing or repairing the butt-ends (that’s real log terminology!) on all the cabin corners.  Should they be cut flush and neat – or remain random?  I really felt like we should honor the original design.  I could just imagine the workers back in the 20s laying the logs with no concern about whether all the ends were straight and pretty!  Ann agreed, which I always love.  Fun stuff. 

LOG WORK – Bryon’s crew has already power-washed all the logs.  Just cleaning them up makes the logs look rejuvenated!  The only ones that were a bit problematic were the logs that had been  originally inside the sunroom and back entry.  They were dark with brown  paint or stain, so the guys had to work harder to get the logs clean.   They’re still not perfect, but it will be fine. 

The guys also painstakingly removed all the old black caulking that was in between each log and chinking. 

Bryon also reviewed every log again to determine which ones need to be repaired or replaced.  They’ve replaced several full logs (which is very scary looking!) and have done quite a few repairs – where they removed the damaged wood and fit a half-log into place.  As soon as the log work is done, they will apply the Penetreat and WR-5 (with stain).  Then comes the installation of the windows and doors.  Each opening will surely be a project in itself – but they will make such a difference (and I can’t wait to get them all out of the dining room of the cabin!)  Last thing will be chinking – which probably won’t happen for a while – depending on chinker availability and timing! 

We’re starting to look forward to when this phase of the project is complete. 

My biggest nightmare is that people will walk into the cabin after we’re “done” and see the inside – with damaged, water-stained ceilings and all our old, shabby stuff and think “this is it – it’s done?”  So we’re coming up with a strategy to decorate and furnish the cabin – with the save-able old stuff and some donations.  New fabric and upholstery, a little elbow grease on some of the wood pieces, and lots of TLC will make the cabin feel warm and cozy and comfortable.  We’ll call it, um, “Adopt-A-Chair” and if you’d like to donate to the cause, let me know! 

More later…and I promise I won’t wait another month next time!   Thanks for the continued interest in our Log Cabin and support of the project.  As we did at Skokie’s Backlot Bash last weekend, we are “Building Community: One Log at a Time”.  Thank you!   -Julianne

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2 Responses to 2010.09.07 Log Work Begins

  1. Guinevere Tiffin says:

    So fantastic! I’m very excited about seeing the progress as it’s gone along this whole time. Happy day!


  2. Guinevere Tiffin says:

    Question for you all, do we have a projected completion date?


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