2010.October – Exterior Log Work, Windows & Doors; Interior Electrical Work

Hi all!  Wow….it has been another busy few weeks with lots to report! 


From all accounts, it seems we fared better than originally planned in terms of necessary log replacement.  Only a handful of spots required FULL log replacement.  Half-logs were used in most places.  And in most cases, Bryon was able to re-use logs from our own cabin.  We liked this from a “green” perspective and also for color-consistency. 

All the dormers do have new face-logs.  We had a little hiccup with this work, as the guys originally put the face-logs on the front dormers on vertically.  They were trying to match the two gables on the front of the cabin, so I understand why they did it.  But our goal has always been to put the cabin back together like it used to be. 

I printed out a picture of the old dormers…and the guys had to re-do the front dormers…with the horizontal logs on top. 


The crew is done spraying the logs with the Penetreat – a solution that protects the logs from rot and bugs, etc.  The next step is the spray stain.  Early on, our committee agreed on a stain color.  In the WR-5 (also a log protectant), we only had a few choices and we all agreed the darker color would work best – in trying to blend old and new logs.  I was on site last week when Bryon started the spray-staining process.  OMGoodness!  Way too dark!  We stopped immediately and he’s going to get two more samples for us to see.   Luckily this part of the cabin is very hidden – and will eventually be covered up – when we do the lift between the cabin and church building.  We may also add a storage room here that would completely cover this “sample” wall.  Oh well! 

Dark stain sample

Dark stain sample


We want to finish the log staining before we install the windows.  But Bryon decided that – to keep moving forward – the crew could install the doors (which can be more easily covered and protected during the staining process).  With the exception of the front door, all the doors are in!  Very exciting!  We will have to stain the inside of all the doors.  We also still need knobs, locks, etc.

Kenny, Adam and Skip work on door prep

Kenny, Adam and Skip work on door prepNew doors to the Great Room


First, let me say we have the best electrical team ever.  James Graves and his right-hand man, Caesar, have been working so hard and doing a beautiful job getting us all wired and ready to go.  But eek!  Talk about domino effect!  This

Phase One of the renovation was to include minimal electrical work – basically

re-doing the Great Room and loft areas and moving the service.  Then with all the water damage, we decided to take the ceiling (and light) down in the hallway so that all the common spaces would be done – clean and safe, etc.  Well…that move hooked us into all the wiring for the first floor Parlor Rooms.  Since we can’t safely tie back into the old system, it is forcing us to complete the wiring for the entire first floor.  This would have been done eventually – and now won’t have to be done in the next phase – but….it wasn’t in our budget for Phase One.  Needless to say, we will be doing some extra fundraising to cover these added (but necessary) costs.  If you can make a donation with this in mind, we would be ever so grateful! 

 More to come…on some fun stuff!  I’ll show you our lighting fixtures – some old (and refurbished!) and some new (thanks to Carla Johnson!)  And some more details on our “spiff up the cabin” effort, which is now in full-swing! 

Just in time for Halloween - our latest critter find - a dead bat

Just in time for Halloween - our latest critter find - a dead bat

Thanks for your continued interest in our wonderful Log Cabin.  You’ll all be invited to our Grand Re-Opening Celebration in November.  I’ll post the date as soon as it is 100% finalized.   -Julianne

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