2010.November – Log Staining, Chinking, Window Installation, and Major Cleaning!

Hello Log Cabin Fans! 

November, 2010 – Much, much to report! Check out the pics of all hard at work and scroll down to read about what’s been happening.

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LOG STAINING AND CHINKING:  I was telling Kathy Shine, our Log Blog Master, that I don’t often break into a big “thank you, Jesus!”  But it seems He was looking down on us for this.  That dark stain was definitely not right.  And it was taking several weeks for new stain samples to arrive. 

In the meantime, Bryon was trying to find a new chinker.  The guy we originally

booked had some health problems and couldn’t do the job after all.   One day, I saw a big guy in a dirty truck pull up to the cabin.  He started talking to Skip, so I went over and introduced myself.  This was, indeed, a chinker coming to look at and bid on the job.  I mentioned the WR-5 stain.  He strongly recommended that we not use WR-5 since it is an oil-based product…which the chinking does not seal to very well.  (Insert sound of brakes squealing to a halt!) 

Long story, we changed our plan.  Now this guy (Chris Neilsen, who, for a time we were calling Chris Kringle…) is busily staining and chinking the log cabin.  It looks amazing.  We picked a rich brown.  Several folks have commented that now the log cabin actually looks like Lincoln Logs! 

WINDOWS ARE ALL IN:  We actually switched gears here too and installed the windows before the stain was applied.  Chinker Chris indicated this would be better.  Plus I was somewhat freaking out that nothing was happening for about a week!  This allowed us some time, too, to get the interior of all the windows (and doors) stained.  We won’t tackle the varnish project until after the holidays, but they look great already! 

CLEAN-UP, CLEAN-UP:  I’ve been practically begging church folks to help me clean the cabin.   It is just so filthy inside from months of work and it basically being  open – roof, windows, lots of peep-holes through logs. 

Bryon Perona and his crew are winding down a bit, with just a few more things to complete (the front porch, installation of the faux rafter tails and rakes). 

They also have to install the front door.  All the door hardware should arrive this week – so that we can lock (with a key, not a padlock) the front door. 

Now JR Graves team is coming in to, quite literally, bat clean-up!  The interior of the building has been re-chinked (thanks Richard!), closed up, and the

clean-up has begun!   Walter applied a clear, sealant coat to all new, exposed wood ceilings.  Of course, before he did that, he had to crawl around the ceiling and log beams to get all the dust and dirt off.  That was fun for him…not.  But it now looks amazing! 

I got the crazy idea to pull up the old carpet and tiles in Parlor A and Parlor C.  This was tough work – and thank goodness for strong volunteers who helped pull this off!  Even with no work at all, the old wood floors looked better than the dirty, taped-together recycled carpet and carpet squares (all of which were fine when they were installed…but they just got so trashed during this process!)  JR volunteered to bring in his floor buffer.  He did a once-over both floors to smooth them down a bit.  Then applied a clear coat to seal.  With the beautiful, new rugs we’ll put in both of these rooms, this was just what we needed! 

We have struggled through the renovation planning process with the ugly, old fiber-board Dining Room ceiling.  At the start, there was nothing really wrong with it, so we decided to leave it in place.  But it got very stained and dirty and moldy from water damage.  Not good.  JR and I saw there were wood planks above the fiber-board – so we just decided to pull it all down.  Another really messy, not-so-fun job.  But thank you to the Central Church guys who were willing to do it.   To keep the Dining Room looking similar to it original state, we simply painted the wood planks white – keeping the ceiling a bit higher and bright.  Volunteers from Jesus-Love UMC – the Korean congregation who shares our church buildings – have adopted the Dining Room.  They were busy cleaning walls and painting that ceiling last weekend.  They’ll be at it again this Saturday!  Thank goodness for ladders (lots of them) and drop-cloths! 

Now, while JR team tackles a couple other projects in the cabin – and James and Caesar try to finish up the electrical work in the Great Room, we just continue to clean.  Logs, chinking, floors – everything!  Look at all the pics of people helping.  It has been amazing. Our Open House probably won’t take place until after the New Year!  We’ll be sure to let everyone know. 

Thanks for your continued interest in our Log Cabin – and our almost completed Phase One Renovation! 

For those of you who have been following along on our Log Blog and are anxious to see for yourself all the improvements we’ve made in Phase One of the Log Cabin Renovation….come visit us on Saturday, December 4th when we hold our 2nd Annual Craft and Vendor Fair along with our popular Santa in the Cabin event.

The Log Cabin is located on James Drive (between Oakton St. and Main Street), just east of Kenton Ave. in Skokie, Illinois.

-Julianne Arvizu

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