2010.11.24 We Are Thankful! Phase I+ Is Complete

Talk about Gratitude!  And what a day of Thanksgiving.  Central Church folks got to see the Log Cabin for the first time since its doors closed in April for the renovation.  In addition to the planned necessary upgrades – roof, log work, first floor electrical work and new windows and doors – we were able to pull off quite a make-over on the inside too! 

Everyone worked so hard to get the cabin ready.  It was quite a team effort and I’m very thankful for the dedication of our members.

Thanking the Crew

Thanking the Crew

Here are some “after” pictures and shots from our Log Cabin Celebration on November 21st.  During worship, we thanked the crew.  JR Graves (General Contractor), James Graves (Electrician), Bryon Perona (Specialty Contractor), Ann Clark (Architect) and Chris Neilsen (Chinker).  Only Rick Bott (Log Consultant) from our Renovation Dream Team wasn’t able to make the service. 

As I said in church on Sunday, without exception, these folks have wanted this project to be a success, wanted it to come in on budget and helped us solve every problem.  I feel honored to have worked so closely with them.  Every one got a gift bag with tokens of our appreciation – and so they’ll not soon forget us…Log Cabin notecards, Log Cabin ornament, Cabin cookies, even a cabin cookie cutter.  In addition, everyone got an original butt-end log.  On the cut end in the shape of a cross, it says SkokieCentralChurch LogCabin.  “With grateful hearts, we thank you.  November 21, 2010.”   With a picture of the newly renovated cabin front. 

I appreciate all the thanks on Sunday – not to mention the beautiful goodie basket and flowers!  But as I’ve said before, I didn’t do this myself.  We all did this – TOGETHER.  Central Church – and all the people who have supported the project financially, with prayers, or with sweat and hard work – deserve a big thank you.  THANK YOU!

Mayor Van Dusen speaks in the cabin

Mayor Van Dusen speaks in the cabin

Once we were in the cabin for fellowship and food (and what a spread Carla Johnson puts on – wow!), we gathered around the beautiful fireplace.  Pastor David, Pastor Yun (of Jesus-Love UMC) and Mayor Van Dusen all said a few words about the project and this great accomplishment.  Then we all said a prayer to re-dedicate the Log Cabin. 

We still have work to do – mostly to make the cabin accessible to all and to make it fully functional.  Here are the projects on the horizon:

·       Accessible Entrance from James Drive

·       Accessible connection between Church and Log Cabin

·       Remodeled and functional 2nd floor

·       Additional restroom (accessible) in former UMW closet

·       Updated Heating System and addition of Air Conditioning

·       Newly-designed Sunroom and Outdoor Patio

·       Memory/Honorarium Sidewalk

·       New kitchen – including floor replacement

·       Revamped storage areas

But for today…and maybe even a few weeks ??!, we’re going to sit back, relax and enjoy the work we’ve done.  We have so much to be thankful for!  

Did you all see the Pioneer Press article about the Cabin Renovation? 

Click on the link for the full story : http://www.pioneerlocal.com/skokie/news/2914390,skokie-logcabin-112510-s1.article

 I should also mention two UPCOMING EVENTS

1)  We are having our 2nd annual Craft and Vendor Sale AND our popular Santa in the Cabin event on Saturday, December 4th from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Admission: $2.   Come on by!

2)  Second City Brass is performing in this year’s Christmas Concert for the Cabin on December 12th at 4 p.m.  What a wonderful way to kick your season into gear, as this group is so energetic and talented.  Suggested donation: $10/person. 

I also GoodSearch & GoodShop for Central United Methodist Church-Skokie. The money we raise will go to the building fund and the Log Cabin renovation. You can help us by searching or shopping the Internet with GoodSearch.com

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  -Julianne

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